Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland

Give yourself a nice time

Dave is a handsome spontaneous seducer of 1m80, a kind of guy who you won't forget soon.

His style is refined, not giving a hurrying impression. He likes to take his time to let you relax, to come to the right atmosphere, to guide you through the situation.

Eye contact, constructive dialogue with a humorous touch, attention to your wishes, your do's and don'ts ... Surrender yourself to this tiger, let him raise your temperature slowly ... make your blood flowing faster through your vains, accelerate your breathing. ..

Let his hands discover your sensitive spots, his wet lips look up your neck ..., his well-trained body and XL (20x6 real centimeters) hit you until you beg ...

Release yourself, enjoy as never before ... Rest assured, he himself will never cum quickly, your pleasure comes first to him. Your satisfaction is his satisfaction.

Through the right stimuli, finesse and experience he lets you cum intense and several times.

Very chubby types are not a match for Dave, but if have a slim/normal and groomed body, then he will give himself to the fullest for you, madam.

Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland