Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland

Some ladies about Dave

'My date (s) with Dave were special experiences that made me look at male escorts with different eyes. I have been happily married for a long time and my husband thought it was time to try something different. I thought the idea was pretty exciting. At the moment I was very nervous. He said he could feel that while giving me my first blissfull massage. Dave is a professional, he worked very tactfully and immediately I was feeling relaxed. I like to be pampered and not get a quick turn. On the physical level it was definately a gift from heaven. Dave is the proud owner of a 20 cm tool, he has friendly eyes, a sexy stubble and a nice chat. I have reached the seventh heaven several times with him.'

'How delicious it is to escape reality for several hours with you. The kilometers I drive to be with you give me more time in your arms. It is nice that you're a bit nervous too and want to do everything to fulfill my nice evening out. I find it very nice that you can continue for hours, but it is also okay just to cuddle. Thank you for your company and the passion ... maybe soon again!'

'To describe the experience(s) with Dave, I first have to describe my background before taking the step. We have all read about it, heard about it and perhaps fantasized about it: a gigolo, a well-groomed man who gives you attention and fulfills your desires. After years of intensive care, my husband died in 2017. Suddenly I was a (young) widow. Intimacy and attention for myself have been away for years. The realization came mid-2018, sexual desires and attention from a man, became stronger and stronger. But how you start looking for that? The nightlife is not an option for me, a dating site is not my stuff, so Google: gigolo, and targeted search, seperate the men from the boys... Dave's pictures and beautiful description, has class, because of this I filled out the contact form, the day after a reaction! Immediately got the mobile number and whatsapp communication was established. The threshold became low, and a first home date was arranged. Obviously nervous, but as soon as Dave makes his entrance, the nerves decrease, and the desires increase! A well-dressed well-groomed man with charisma, and he quietly takes a seat, makes a chat while enjoying a drink... When Dave feels sharply that you want to be touched, in fact, you want to feel his muscular torso, Dave will take this step with pleasure. At the moment of writing, I received Dave twice. When you want discretion, class, humor, and as icing on the cake, a beautiful body that is tuned to your desire, Dave is the gigolo that really separates the men from the boys. Dave, I'm looking forward to meet you soon again. Thank you, because of you I feel like a woman again!

‘I wasn't sure what to expect from my date with Dave. It was the very first time for me to have paid sex with a stranger: I found the idea both very exciting and terrifying. We started our evening with a dinner. I thought it was important to first scan each other. The dinner went very smoothly. There was a good sense between us and we finally went to our room. In the beginning it was a bit awkward for me but Dave puts you at ease and makes you feel desired. He has a beautiful body (and cock) and an incredible endurance. He really puts your pleasure first and does things with your body that you never thought possible. I really enjoyed him. My evening with Dave gave me a real (sexual) boost.’

' To do something you never dreamed of doing
To be able to take a huge step into the unknown with a stranger
To meet you was frightening and exciting at the same time
Life can make you do many things, even kiss a man you don't even know
To feel the needed tenderness from you
To learn new things you never experienced before
To believe it is your first time all over
To feel alive again
To have moments that take your breath away
To be so completely absorbed by your attention and touch
I literally and thankfully become speechless
And I want to thank you for that'

Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland