Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland



Meeting Dave is possible in Flanders for at least 2 hours.

Rates are depending on the meeting location and total booking time. 

Within a respectable range from Ghent the price is 250 euro for 2 hours, 300 for 3 hours and 100 per additional hour.  Outside that range a travel cost will be added, depending on the distance. 

The price for a night or longer is negotiable (depending on distance and total booking time).

The Netherlands

You can meet Dave also in the Netherlands. Availability and rates depend on travel time. 


You can meet Dave:


Every day from 20 till 2 h

Wednesday afternoon from 13 till 18 h


Friday from 13 till 24 h

Saturday from 13.30 till 19 h

Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland