Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland


'It's the first time that I / we do something like that, how is this going?'

The best way is the natural way that makes you feel good. No forced fuzz and e-mailing each other endlessly. We just make an appointment at the location you think you feel the most at your ease: at home or at the hotel (I know a few). Also nice is in a private sauna. We take the time to acclimatize, to get to know each other. You may have some stress, which is normal. We don't take off our clothes immediately but first have a chat with a good glass, to break the ice. Next, a massage is the ideal way to let 'the game' begin. If desired, first in lingerie. With velvety oil I start with your back, to build up the atmosphere. The rest will come naturally.

'Are you also into role play or special scenarios?'

Feel free to ask the question. Much is possible if discussed together.

'You look very professional on your website, is this your main profession?'

You can read the extensive answer in 'my story'. The short answer is no, I only do this for my pleasure. I limit the number of dates because I also have a normal life. If one day I don't feel comfortable with it anymore, I will quit. I want you to look back positively on the date. Whoever does this daily because it's a must, then it is no longer for fun. That reflects on the quality. I never go on date with blinkers or focus on the next one. If you enjoy, then I enjoy too.

'Am I not too young or too old?'

I don't date younger than 18. My oldest date so far was I think around 55, but I don't ask myself questions about age. If you look quite good and you have a slim or normal figure, then count me in. And yes, beauty is also inside :-)

'I am going to start an escort agency. Do you want to work with me?'

If possible within my time frame and if discussed together.

'I am a male / female escort and sometimes customers ask me the possibility to come along with a male colleague for a trio, is that possible?'

Sure this is possible if discussed together and according to the applicable rate.

'Are the pictures on this website yours?'

Of course they are.

Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland