Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland

My story

Where shall I begin. I'm not going to talk about my private life, except maybe that besides this fun and above all fascinating pastime, I also lead a normal life like everyone else.

I rolled into this world on my 29th, in the meanwhile a few years ago. Initially pure for pleasure. Not that I do not enjoy it anymore, on the contrary, but you know, I was not yet a 'gigolo' :-) It actually started as a (s)experiment. In that way I gained the experience.

Those first dates were completely new and I actually had little or no sexual experience with other bed partners outside my normal private life. It was therefore a very exciting discovery. Now it is still of course, because every new meeting remains a kind of step in the unknown, experienced or not.

It was actually after I had already had some dates, that someone put my attention on that maybe I should try it as a gigolo. I thought the idea was funny. But the longer the more I thought about it  and so at a certain moment it became reality.

In the meantime we are now a few years and experiences further, and I actually feel very good about it. Regardless of my age, because if there is one thing I learned, the age does not really matter. Ladies who drop out of this themselves should definitely give themselves the chance to experience it with someone with experience and only then give a verdict :-) In the beginning I also intended myself not to date 45+ ladies. But once 'tasted', I also had a totally different view about +45 ladies :-)

The advantage in comparison with 'the early years' is that I have become much more relaxed. I feel that I've learned to put a lady into a cosy relaxed position. No rushing dates, but first get to know each other quietly with a good glass, and so build up the tension. This is often necessary because it is either out of wedlock and / or because it is the first time for the lady.

In addition to my calm aura, I have a good sense of humour which helps to get rid of the threshold fear for the lady. Once that point is reached, everything comes loose automatically  (sometimes surprisingly well).

What fascinates me the most is to see and feel how the lady is enjoying herself in my presence. Most men first think of themselves ... And it 's exactly that what a woman is looking for in this kind of dating: someone showing her the seventh heaven :-) I am only satisfied when the lady is satisfied.

For me there are no specific rules or do's & don'ts: it's your call how far we go.

Maybe you want it to be groundbreaking, then I'll help you to make your fantasies come true. Obviously in a way that you feel good in every situation. I am a your listening ear, communication is very important to me, both verbally and non-verbally. I believe hat's the key to that 7th heaven :-)

Ok, maybe I am an experienced guy, but I do not control the entire kamasutra and all possible 'settings'. So maybe you are in a position to teach me something new :-) I'm your guy for those new challenges!

Gigolo Dave Vlaanderen - Nederland